Termite Logging Framework for .NET termite VS Tool online logging
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What's with the name "termite"?
Sure, it isn't as slick as a firefox, as mighty as a thunderbird, or as wacky as a penguin. And off the top of my head I can think of several dozen better names; but I already spent a lot of time creating a great logo.

What about The Object Guy's Logging Framework?
This is The Object Guy's Logging Framework, but better. You could say, "this one goes to 11."

Seriously, "termite?"
I didn't change the namespace of the framework; it's still BitFactory.Logging. So, let's just move on, alright?

Is the framework thread-safe?
Of course it is! Watch this super-short, super-sweet video.

Does this framework suffer from the same file-locking problems that another very well-known logging framework does?
Absolutely not!