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Don't leave!

I understand that some people have an instinctive reaction to browse away from a page when they realize that it costs money to download some software.

But this is the best logging framework you can find. Why give that up just for the price of a cup of coffee? (Okay, maybe a latte.) If you haven't already, please take a look at the comparison page.

Do yourself a favor...

Bite the bullet.

This framework will save you tons of time. $5 (non-commercial) is not a lot to ask. ($49 for a commerical/site license.)

If you have any doubts, check out the new video that introduces some basic concepts of the logging framework. It's under 10 minutes!

Just do it

You're going to get:

  • The framework DLLs, XML for help, and XSD for configuration intellisense
  • Source code
  • A totally wicked application that will display logs in real-time, even from a remote machine! Yes, that's included for free!
  • A sweet tool to pimp your Visual Studio IDE with integrated log viewing! Also included for free.


With your purchase of the logging framework, you can get a FREE, no-obligation, trial subscription to Logverse. If you are interested, after purchasing the framework, contact me to start your free subscription.

Important: For Paypal, after you make the payment on the PayPal website, click the "continue" button on the PayPal site to return to this site--do not use the back button. When you "continue" you'll be able to complete your download. For Google Checkout, after you make the payment, click the link indicated to retrieve your purchase.

If you have any problems, just send me an email or contact me here.

Please select the correct license from the list.

Important: You may use the DLL in your products without additional royalty fees. However, you must pay for a license. If the framework will be used for any commercial purpose, or by any commercial enterprise, purchase the commercial license. This license entitles all developers at your location to use the framework. (Translation: If you work for a company and you're buying the framework on behalf of your company, get the commerical license--even if it is for only one developer.)

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